"The Big 4-0" & Other Fabulous Fetes

Lately we've been receiving a lot of requests for entertainment and lighting for milestone birthdays and anniversaries lately. We love that people are celebrating these events with creativity, whimsy, and a sense of humor. 

One client hosted an upscale 20th anniversary party at his home--starting the evening with a candy girl greeting guests as they arrived, a feature performance by

Her Rebel Highness 

, a victorian themed walking table serving vodka shots and to top it all off- a mermaid swimming in the pool!



Her Rebel Highness



Swimming Mermaid



Walking Table

The other trend we've been loving has been the blow-out 40th birthday party! One client celebrating at


is featuring

go-go dancers

and hoop dancers and a rocking DJ. 

A fun-loving husband and wife are hosting a joint 40th birthday at the

W San Francisco


Candy Girls

, Contortionists,

LED-Hoop Dancers

and an amazing


. We love that SF knows how to party! 

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