NATASHA MILLER President & Chief Experience Designer

  • Obsession Brussels Sprouts, Hot Chocolate
  • Boo Hiss Very hot or cold weather, cucumbers, grapefruit, eggplant
  • Raised Des Moines, Iowa- the "Heartland"
  • Schooled Drake University and Iowa State University (violin performance)
  • Secret Talent Hula Hoop dance tricks, sign language
  • Down Time Hiking, being on or by the water, calligraphy or other lettering arts
  • Free Association Memories of roller skating (the moonlight!), Jasmine and lavender, Peonies and Gardenias
  • Musical Muse Itzhak Perlman, The Police, The Violent Femmes, Bonnie Raitt


SARAH BAGAMAN Sales Manager- Experience Design

  • Obsession A good cold brew, anything Chanel, sales strategy & planning
  • Boo Hiss Fruit in salads, slow walkers
  • Raised San Francisco
  • Schooled Kinesiology (Focus in Nutrition & Wellness) from CSU East Bay
  • Secret Talent I can rap pretty much any song from the hyphy movement
  • Down Time How I Built This podcasts, pilates, walking my westie, Wilbur
  • Free Association Volleyball, cosmetics, rosé
  • Musical Muse Beyonce. Who run the world?


KATE SWEE Senior Account Executive- Experience Design

  • Obsession Avocados, Hummus, and ALL the cheese
  • Boo Hiss Hot dogs and slow walkers!
  • Raised Belmont, CA
  • Schooled Studied Music at the lovely St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota
  • Secret Talent Making a guacamole that has yet to be beat
  • Down Time TV binges, Cooking, Baking, and Petting dogs outside local breweries
  • Free Association Sunflowers, Farmer's markets, Cobblestone streets, Christmas music. Performed at Carnegie Hall.
  • Musical Muse Beyonce and Lucius are giving me life!

Rachel for Web Site.png

RACHEL QUINLAN Account Executive- Experience Design

  • Obsession Personal growth and happiness, anything tea related, the forest
  • Boo Hiss Closed-mindedness
  • Raised Southern California
  • Schooled CSF - Entertainment and Tourism Management University of Lugano, Switzerland - International Tourism
  • Secret Talent Making a delicious Saturday morning breakfast
  • Down Time Exploring nature through photography and hiking, traveling whenever I can, enjoying live music and spending time with the amazing humans in my life
  • Free Association Burrata cheese, camping, yoga and spontaneous adventures
  • Musical Muse The Beatles, Tycho, Zero 7, however always evolving

Valia headshot.png

VALIA SIMONSON Account Executive- Experience Design 

  • Obsession Wine, mushrooms, seafood, traveling and swimming pools
  • Boo Hiss People that are constantly late
  • Raised Los Angeles, CA / Paris, France
  • Schooled MA in Communications at L'ecole Française des Attaches de Presse (EFAP Paris)
  • Secret Talent Interior decorating
  • Down Time Reading, going to the beach, throwing dinner parties and enjoying life with my husband and son
  • Free Association My vacation rental in Indio, CA
  • Musical Muse Jack White and old school hip hop


KRISTYN GARCIA Sales Coordinator- Experience Design

  • Obsession My mom's enchiladas, a good margarita, and the beach.
  • Boo Hiss When people do not take environmental issues seriously.
  • Raised Long Beach, CA
  • Schooled San Francisco State University - Recreation Parks and Tourism
  • Secret Talent Catching z's whenever I need too.
  • Down Time Finding the best food and drinks in the city, spending time with my family, seeing my favorite artists perform.
  • Free Association Traveling and exploring different areas.
  • Musical Muse Anything rap, Amy Winehouse, Led Zeppelin, Earth, Wind, and Fire

Claire for Web.png

CLAIRE O'NEILL Account Executive- Experience Design

  • Obsession Dumplings! I've been to every dumpling shop in San Francisco. I have formidable preferences - just ask!
  • Boo Hiss Camping. I wouldn't survive an apocalypse. Give me running water, a bug-free environment, and a proper bed please.
  • Raised San Diego, CA; Boulder, CO; Los Angeles, CA
  • Schooled Northeastern University, Boston, MA
  • Secret Talent Kung Fu and a Classical Singer
  • Down Time You'll find me playing with my nerdy rescue dog, Melvin, reading sci-fi, and watching Korean drama.
  • Free Association Performed at Carnegie Hall
  • Musical Muse I grew up on Talking Heads, Stevie Wonder, the Flaming Lips, and The Planets by Holst. More recently, I'm really into the Hamilton soundtrack, St. Vincent, Tunde Olaniran, Robyn, and the Weeknd, my guilty pleasure.

Paul Pimlett.png

PAUL PIMLETT Account Manager- Experience Design

  • Obsession All things Los Angeles and gym for mind and body and to not look at my phone for an hour a day.
  • Boo Hiss Bad service and cold weather.
  • Raised Liverpool, England, UK.
  • Schooled Hotel Management & Catering Operations, Liverpool City College, and the School of Life.
  • Secret Talent My finger click is really loud, apparently.
  • Down Time Guilty pleasure is watching Vanderpump Rules and RHOBH.
  • Free Association Broadway/West End Musicals, dancing like no one is watching and RuPaul's Drag Race.
  • Musical Muse Lucky to have seen live Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, and Elton John but partial to dance music and love a good club remix of any pop song.


MICHAL SWERDLOW Account Manager- Experience Design

  • Obsession Hospitality, carbs, coffee, and pretentious bubbly water
  • Boo Hiss Cilantro
  • Raised Southern California
  • Schooled Business Administration, Hospitality Management - University of San Francisco
  • Secret Talent Baking the most delicious challah bread you ever tasted!
  • Down Time Being a spectacular aunt to the greatest niece and nephews! Staying creative, fabulous, and busy in the kitchen, and The Moth Radio Hour
  • Free Association Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is A Way Of Life!
  • Musical Muse Shlomo Artzi, Sam Smith, The Idan Raichel Project, Gente De Zona, and of course anything and everything 80s!


CHEYENNE NOELL Sales Assistant

  • Obsession Essential oils, genuine people, froyo
  • Boo Hiss Traffic, Rudeness
  • Raised Southern California
  • Schooled San Francisco State University - Hospitality & Tourism Management
  • Secret Talent If I told you, it wouldn’t be a secret
  • Down Time Exploring new cities, podcasts, finding the happiest hour, creating the perfect balance between city & nature
  • Free Association Spontaneous travel, live music, street art
  • Musical Muse Rebelution, The Beatles, 90s R&B...clearly a mix of everything!


KAREN WALDMANN Production Services Manager

  • Obsession Pizza and staring at the ocean (generally not together!)
  • Boo Hiss Spitting gum on the street, dealing with automated machines and calling the cable/internet company
  • Raised New York
  • Schooled Santa Clara University
  • Secret Talent Knowing all the lyrics to most early 2000s hip-hop songs!
  • Down Time Sitting in the sun, visiting the beach, hitting the gym, searching for the best pizza - yum!
  • Free Association Working out, sun, travel itch, the Warriors
  • Musical Muse There are so many I don’t know where to start!

grace headsot.png

GRACE MCFARLIN Production Coordinator

  • Obsession Chocolate chip cookie dough, vinyl records and new places
  • Boo Hiss When people talk too close to my face, anything with a jello or applesauce texture
  • Raised Newport Beach, California
  • Schooled Texas Christian University
  • Secret Talent Cooking, playing piano, match making
  • Down Time Getting together with the most amount of people as possible, going to the beach, or dreaming of my next trip to Uganda
  • Free Association Traveling with my husband, beautifully curated and delicious tasting food 
  • Musical Muse Rihanna, I'm secretly obsessed

Sheila headshot.png

SHEILA TUCK Accountant

  • Obsession Dark Chocolate, Champagne & Hot Yoga
  • Boo Hiss Driving slow in the fast lane.
  • Raised Southern California
  • Schooled Azusa Pacific University, BS in Accounting
  • Secret Talent Making people smile
  • Down Time I enjoy being outdoors - hiking, biking and running or reading a book in the sunshine.
  • Free Association  The best days ever include the beach and hanging out with my family.
  • Musical Muse U2 & Lady Gaga 


MATT BROWN Web Content & Assistant

  • Obsession Movies, books, albums, visual art... Basically, all things creative!
  • Boo Hiss Football and golf
  • Raised in New Jersey with 10 brothers and sisters
  • Schooled Autodidact, Hard Knocks, Rock and Roll
  • Secret Talent Doing impressions
  • Down Time Songwriting, digital art, Netflix bingewatching
  • Free Association Standing on (and breaking) turntables as a small child so I could spin around like my favorite records
  • Musical Muse The Beatles, The Clash, Elvis Costello, Beck, Brian Eno, Joni Mitchell, Pavement, Belle and Sebastian, Astrud Gilberto, and, oh my god, how much space do I get?!


CARINA HESSMER Consultant: Experience Design

  • Obsession Creative authenticity, annihilation of the mundane, aesthetics and experience design
  • Boo Hiss Unquestioned standards
  • Raised By wild wolves
  • Schooled Studied hospitality and experience design at Cal Poly University
  • Secret Talent Re-creating animal noises
  • Down Time Converging with friends at multi-day outdoor music festivals, adventure, learning new skills, designing, building & creating
  • Free Association Radiolab podcasts, heavy bass & wildflowers
  • Musical Muse The Polish Ambassador & Ayla Nereo Collaborations, Tool, Ibeyi, The Human Experience & Emancipator.

team-2017 MIsti Layne.jpg

We love what we do!

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