About Us


Natasha Miller



  • Food obsession- Brussels Sprouts (Marlowe or Perbacco)
  • Boo/Hiss: cucumbers, grapefruit, eggplant (unless it's fried chips).
  • Born/raised/left as soon as I could: Des Moines, Iowa
  • Drake University and Iowa State University had the experience of having me as a violin performance major.
  • Unusual/Secret Talent: Hoop dance tricks, wiggling my ears without moving muscles in my face.
  • I love to take dance classes, walk the beach, go sailing, practice calligraphy, collect cool stuff for my downtown apartment.
  • Free Association: Memories of roller skating (the moonlight!), Jasmine and lavender, Peonies and Gardenias, Hot chocolate.

Carina Hessmer


Account Executive

  • Food Obsession: Passion Fruit, Figs, Truffle Oil & Burrata Cheese
  • Boo/Hiss: Mint Chocolate
  • I was born in Bavaria, Germany
  • I studied Hospitality and Brand Experience Design at Cal Poly University
  • Secret/Unusual talent: Making animal noises
  • In my free time I converge with friends at multi-day outdoor music festivals, hot springs and the Samovar Tea Lounge
  • Free Association: Radiolab Podcasts, Heavy Bass & Wildflowers

Aggie Gettys


Senior Account Executive

  • Food Obsession: Bread and Cheese! Cheese, cheese , cheese! and Frozen Yogurt
  • Boo/Hiss: Tuna, smell of fish, Meat
  • I'm the youngest of 6 and was born in Iran and came to the States at the age of 8. I speak Farsi.
  • I have a BA in Communication from UCLA
  • Worked at Virgin Records for 17 years.
  • Secret/Unusual talent:make a mean cookies n' cream cheesecake
  • In my free time I enjoy yoga, dancing,watching Hitchcock movies and listening to Bruce Springsteen
  • Free Association 4th of July's spent on the warm beaches of Santa Monica

May Moon


Account Executive

  • Food obsession- Most items on an appetizer menu.
  • Boo/Hiss: Spicy food.
  • Born/Raised/Lives: San Francisco, Daly City, Alameda.
  • 15+ years of producing and managing community festivals
  • Unusual/Secret Talent: Clapping and singing to my food when it's delicious; Mimicking old hip hop videos; Using sound-effects during casual conversations.
  • On my free time: I love taking family hikes with the dog, hanging out with friends, reading and watching tv/cable series marathon.

Shea Ross


Production Coordinator

  • Food Obsession: Sushi, Brussels Sprouts, Salads. Anything light & fresh!
  • Boo/Hiss: Pork everything. My midwestern upbringing and fried bologna ruined it for me.
  • I was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I also lived in St. Louis, Missouri for 15 years.
  • I have a BA in Communication and English from Auburn University. War Eagle!
  • Secret/Unusual talent: Reading people/personality typing
  • In my free time I enjoy traveling, being active (running, walking, hiking, yoga), cooking, wining and dining, thrift store shopping, college football, and spending time with good people.

Eileen Tomei


  • Can't pass up - Italian Food and Chocolate/Peanut Butter
  • No way: Cucumbers
  • Born/Raised/Stayed/Why would anyone leave? - San Francisco
  • Cal State University Chico, BS in Business, Accounting
  • Secret Talent: I can do the Irish Jig. I can speak Italian. Not Simultaneously.
  • In my free time I love to run, even if no one is chasing me.
  • Travel, you can take me anywhere. I love the beach, cooking and hanging out with my family.
  • My better half - Perry
  • Two Beautiful Boys - Nico and Ben

Dylan McIntosh


Director of Audio/Visual

  • Food Obsession: Mussels in white wine and garlic and burritos of course!
  • Boo/Hiss: Raw onions, winter in Chicago.
  • Born/Raised: Redwood City CA
  • I went to "The School of A/V" via 10 years of touring.
  • I'm into self-teaching, learning new skills and talents on my own with help from the Google machine
  • Free Association: Produce music, DJ, play the drums and surf


Programming the Finest Entertainment & Talent for Social and Corporate Events We provide our clients with the highest quality of talent, exceptional repertoire, specific programming of artists for your unique event parameters. We insist on flawless execution, detailed planning and only booking dependable, talented and professional performers.


Headliner/Celebrity Acquisition

Entire Productions offers total production for celebrity talent procurement: preparing a formal offer, review of artist rider, technical component and travel review. We negotiate the best rates and create a seamless experience for our clients.



Working with our sister company Elevate Productions, we can bring in state of the art sound and lighting to compliment our talent, or as stand-alone to your event.



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