Our signature artist membership program allows you to have the most up-to-date profile on our site for us to present you to our clients and for them to discover you on their own.

... You are my single largest provider of work and I am so so incredibly grateful! ... because of the steady work you’ve been sending me, last year I was able to resign from my teaching position at the school (where I taught for 10 years!). I loved it there but was dreaming of having more time to devote to violin and specifically composing and creating. I’m so proud to say that less than one year later I was able to put this album out. You HUGELY made this happen!
— One of our solo string performers



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Have questions? We have answers!

What do you do exactly?

Entire Productions is a consultancy for our special event clients who are looking for a high-touch experience in booking entertainers/artist service providers. Our clients rely on us for our expertise and the assurance that artists are the utmost professional, will arrive on-time, have the proper insurance (that we provide) and well-informed of all details planned. We’ve been in business for 20 years and have produced thousands of high-end events all over the world.

How many leads and bookings should I expect?

The number of gig opportunities you receive will vary depending upon your talent (and the request for your type of talent), category, location, membership level. We present talent options to our clients for their branded/themed events. Generally speaking, if you are a polished talent with great images and sound, etc. you will receive more gig opportunities than if you are not.

Do I have to pay for my leads like I do on other sites?


Do accept all artists that want to be on this site?

No. This is where we differ from other companies. We make sure the artists on our site are of the highest quality, professional and have a good track record in the industry. Entire Productions carefully selects the talent we present to our clients and not all artists are ready for our client’s level of events or might not be a good fit for our brand. We care a lot about quality and curate our list of talent- we take this very seriously.

Are you an agency?

We are not a traditional booking agency. We do not represent any artist exclusively and do not collect a commission from the artist. We charge our clients a consulting fee for our services.

What types of events are booked through Entire Productions?

Our members get booked for high- end social events like weddings and milestone celebrations, corporate events, parties, festivals, TV shows, commercials, movies, and more.