Although we're known for our core business of entertainment production, we've been designing and producing full-scale events for the last 18 years. We are now accepting a limited number of full-production corporate clients. We would love to help make you look like a ROCKSTAR! We're best at special events for corporate clients and experiential marketing.


  • Ideation

  • Theme Development and Event Concept

  • Budget

  • Timeline Creation and Management

  • Site Selection

  • Permits (sound, fire, parking, Police, street closures)

  • Audio/Visual design 

  • Power

  • Ecology (port-a-potties, trash, recycling, .etc.)

  • Event Design and Decor

  • Environmental Design

  • Brand Activation

  • Catering: Food & Beverage

  • Event Production

  • On-site Staffing 

  • Check-in/Support Staff

    • Wait Staff

    • Bartenders

    • Greeters

  • Audio Visual

  • Gifting and Promotional Item Procurement

  • Experience Design

  • Entertainment

  • Vendor Selection 

    • Floral

    • Valet

    • Decor

    • Party Rentals

    • Special Effects

    • Portable Restrooms

    • Transportation

    • Graphic Design and Printing

    • Photography and Videography

  • Social Media Plan

  • Publicity

Below are some of our most magnificent events!


AAA's GIG Car Share Launch Experience

GIG Car Share-a new one-way car share in the San Francisco Bay Area-partnered with local musicians and artists to set a world record for The Most Gigs in a Gig! www.gigcarshare.com/download Gig empowers local residents to find a car, drive it, and leave it.


With 5 weeks lead time create a celebration for the client's target demographic (young professionals) for their first new product launch since 1971- GIG Car Share. Venue was outdoors at Lake Merritt in Oakland, CA with over 5,000 people in attendance.


Working with GIG's internal marketing team we tapped into our experience design, entertainment booking and precision production management to plan and execute this large-scale event including planning drive train routes (with in-car live performances), a parade as well as a record-setting event. Also featured was a daytime sober "rave" by Daybreaker, food trucks from Off the Grid and pop-up street teams throughout the drive train routes and our festival.


GIG Car Share was launched successfully, a world-record was established for "Most Concerts (Gigs) in a Car", and the cars were driven off the site by members that signed up before or during the event. The event was a whopping success and GIG Car Share is well ahead of their goals for the service following the success of this event.

Photos © Jim Vetter

Entire Productions worked with us on every element of the launch of GIG Car Share. This was a high profile event for the first product to be launched from AAA’s newly formed innovation lab. It was done on a very tight timeline with a number of key stakeholders to manage and high goals to reach. The Entire Productions team worked tirelessly on every aspect from ideation through to stakeholder and vendor management.

On the day of the event they seamlessly managed every element of the production with precision – an amazing achievement as the event was held across two locations in Berkeley and Oakland with over 5,000 attendees. The event and launch was a great success with goals achieved. This was in no small way thanks to the creativity, dedication and skill of the Entire Productions team. I look forward to working with the team again on our next big event and cannot recommend them highly enough.
— Caroline Perry- Head of Marketing, A3 Ventures


Yelp's Apres Ski Holiday Party



Create an awe-inspiring holiday celebration for Yelp's 2,000 employees with a conservative budget.


We worked closely with our client to design and produce their most over-the-top fabulous party in company history. Our client was able to focus on her day to day job and not be drained by the enormous planning and negotiating- she was able to think 'Big Picture' and let go of the rest knowing she'd be in good hands with us. We narrowed down the perfect venue that was within their budget, then began layering in the elements that were must haves and ultimately being able to add in incredible entertainment due to the deep negotiations we made with other vendors in the selection process. The planning period entailed just a few in-person meetings including a few walk-throughs. We try to make it as easy on our clients as possible.


In addition to saving the client over $200,000. we created an incredible experience for the company- exceeding expectations and wowing everyone throughout the event.

What can’t I say about the Entire Productions team? They’re simply the best. From the first moment I met them, they made me feel like a friend and not just a client. They helped me plan the most AMAZING holiday party for over 2K people in just under five months. I’m sure everyone will be talking about it for years. The event had everyone in awe. What event includes ballerinas in bubbles, aerial champagne pours, crafts, multiple photo scenes, an ice sculpting DJ, champagne skirts, ball pits, a top 40’s pipe organ player, choreographed dancers, and multiple bars? MINE! Oh- I forgot about the snow cannons.

The quality of entertainment and production is what you’d expect to get with a half million dollar budget. Let me tell you, mine was NOWHERE near that and yet they still made it happen. MIND BLOWN.

Our meetings and calls were what every organization only dreams about. They were quick and to the point and always ended with action items for everyone. The master timeline was 100% on point so we never missed any deadlines.

Natasha knows everyone in the industry. Hands down she’s the most connected person you’ll ever meet. She lives for events which is ideally what you’d want in the owner of a production company.

Claire was my main POC throughout the planning process and ran my event on the day-of like a total boss. Her spreadsheets included every piece of information you’d ever need for an event. Someone who had no knowledge of events could have looked at her spreadsheets and run it without any issues- they were so detailed. She took the time the go over everything with me and was reachable 24/7 so that I was more than prepared when asked questions by my own team.

Working with them is the best thing that you could do for yourself and/or your company if you want a guaranteed no-fail event with a 120% wow factor.
— Julia Nguyen- Yelp

Photos © Misti Layne and Jim Vetter


Benefit Cosmetics Glamouriety Movie Premiere



Produce the premiere of their original film “Glamouriety” (that tells the story of co-founders Jean and Jane Ford) for their international team and and the media.


We were initially asked to provide the entertainment (over 70 performers) and Audio/Visual support including event lighting design, movie projector and screen as well as outdoor lighting. With only 6 weeks to go before the event, the Benefit internal team realized they couldn't do this on their own so we took control of the reigns and produced the event for them.


The event went off without a hitch. A good time was had by all and our client's parent company LVMH was very pleased. We saved the client time, anxiety and money by taking over the event and doing what we know best- planning and executing. Over 250 guests from all over the world flew in to attend this event which was meant to strengthen the brand identity and get the various markets excited for the year to come. 

Read more about it here on our blog.

Thank you, thank you, Natasha... ‘Would have been impossible without YOU!!! We were terribly impressed. So happy to rub shoulders with another who’s level of perfection mirrors ours... it’s all in the details!!! You and your team are masters, and I am so grateful you were available to take on this project.
— Jane Ford- Co-Founder, Benefit Cosmetics