Paula LeDuc at Viansa Winery with Entire Productions: A Magical Night

Our aerial bartender artfully awaiting her next guest. We had an inkling of how lovely the event at the Viansa Winery in February might be with the Napa/Sonoma chapter of the Special Events Society and Paula LeDuc teaming up, but we were all just blown away at the impeccable attention to detail. Of course, we were over the moon to bring in the talent. And even happier to go home with our fantastic goodie bags!

We had a living vine character on stilts greet (and occasionally startle) guests as they arrived, an electric cellist performing in the wine cave at check-in along with our gorgeous and regal champagne girl. 



Our beautiful solo cellist in the wine cave greeting people with music upon their arrival.

As everyone made their way upstairs, a great band performed sultry standards with a hipster twist, and then there was the "WOW" aerial bartenders pouring champagne whilst upside down doing the splits.

Our champagne skirt adorned with greenery to keep within the lovely enchanted theme.

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