Hit Waves Unplugged

Hit Waves Unplugged is a one of a kind acoustic combo in Northern California: it started as a duo, acoustic guitar, and upright bass. Although the band can also be booked as a solo guitar or 3 piece band (by adding either violin or Cajon/Percussions). In 2014, we added piano to the lineup. Mid 2014, we added a male vocalist to our line up.

They perform the hits from 1920 to 2016 in an acoustic ("unplugged") version. The band performs hits from Frank Sinatra/Ella Fitzgerald to hits from Michael Jackson/The Beatles/Police/Eric Clapton/Cindy Lauper and so many others. We perform the Gypsy Jazz repertoire!

They also perform your favorite wedding ceremony songs (classical music).

If you're planning a wedding ceremony, cocktail or corporate dinner party, Hit Waves Unplugged might be the perfect fit to create an elegant, refined and hip ambiance!

Home Base: San Francisco